The People of Check `n Go: Jen Y.

Meet Jen Y., a Check `n Go customer representative

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When you’re a Check `n Go customer service representative, you never know exactly how you’ll be helping the people you serve. Take Jen Y., who works at the Check `n Go in Cedar City, Utah, for instance.

One day she was helping a customer, a man she’d never met before, complete an application for a $2,500 loan. Jen, a naturally outgoing person, made small talk with the man while filling out the paperwork. She learned that he was excited about buying a great used car that he’d come across at a terrific price.

“It was a 2007 Nissan Altima and only had 75,000 miles,” Jen explains. “It sounded a little too good to me, so I started asking questions about it—just making conversation—about who was selling it.”

Jen found out that her customer had never met the vehicle’s owner, an elderly woman in a distant state. “Have you called her or spoken to her or was it just through email?” she asked. All communication had been through email, the man told her. He then shared a few more of the highly irregular details of the deal. Warning bells started to sound for Jen.

“Well, you know I remembered that the same thing happened to me,” Jen recalls. “It was a 2005 Mustang and the seller told me through email that he was on active duty. Every time I emailed him, he would just email me back with same information, verbatim, he had just given me. That told me not to do anything else and I just let it go.”

Jen shared her experience with the customer. “He really didn’t say anything. He just had this certain look on his face and I told him ‘If I were you I’d talk to her first because it sounds a little too fishy and a little too perfect.’”

The man told Jen to hold off on the loan application while he made further inquiries into the seller’s identity. He left the store and she didn’t hear back from him for the rest of her shift.

The next day the man returned, this time with his wife. The couple had done some digging and discovered that the offer was, as Jen calls it, a “total scam.” She had saved them a big chunk of cash.

“Thank you for putting the idea in the back of our head,” the wife told Jen. “We would never have gotten the money back and we would’ve been out all that money.”

Jen’s only been working at Check `n Go for less than a year, but she took her good deed in stride. To her it was all in a day’s work. Still, she appreciated the couple’s gratitude. “I think it was kind of cool that they made the effort to come back into the store,” she says.

 The People of Check `n Go: Jen Y.

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