November Is The Best Time To Save on Candy, Cookware, and Wedding Dresses

November is more than just Black Friday sales. Here are four money-saving shopping tips you’ve got to check out.

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November is the Best Time To…

Now that Halloween’s come and gone, the holidays are ready to shift into high gear. But before you start preparing for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and beyond, you should know that there are plenty of other savings opportunities waiting for you to explore in November.

From candy to cookware to wedding dresses, this month features deals so good that you may need to rethink your shopping plans.

November is the Best time to … Stock Up on Cheap Candy

After enduring the Halloween candy binge, who could possibly want to buy more sweets? You might. Starting November 1, stores are eager to empty their shelves of their unsold bags of candy, and they’re willing to slash prices by as much as 50 to 75 percent to free up space.

So November is a great time to lay in your supply of goodies for the winter months ahead. How long will your candy be safe to eat? As Forrest Wickman of Slate points out, candy contains lots of sugar but not a lot of water, so it doesn’t go bad as quickly as many other foods do. He says you might be able to enjoy your candy until next Halloween.

November is the Best time to … Save on Cookware

The timing couldn’t be better. Just as you’re getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner and holiday parties, retailers are putting all kinds of cookware on sale. Lindsay Sakraida of Deal News said, “Rarely do ‘need’ and ‘best time to buy’ so perfectly coalesce.”

Sakraida says you’ll see twice as many sales for cookware in November as in any other month. And it won’t just be pots and pans that you’ll find for less. You’ll also find bakeware, cutlery, and small appliances at 30 to 80 percent off the usual list price.

November is the Best time to … Shop for a Wedding Dress

Women typically don’t go shopping for bridal gowns in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. The October wedding rush has just wrapped up and the holiday engagement season hasn’t begun in earnest. And, as Wendy Rouse Gould at Daily Finance notes, if a woman hasn’t decided on the dress she wants by late fall, she’ll probably wait until after the holidays to pick one.

This makes for a serious November dress-buying lull. While it’s on, dressmakers are willing to reduce prices to lure brides-to-be into their shops. Want to save even more? Gould recommends checking out racks with pre-worn and sample dresses.

November is the Best time to … Buy PJs and Slippers

Gould says another way to save money in November is to take advantage of all the gift sets that retailers put out before the holidays. “November is the best time to buy all your holiday gift sets, as they’re abundant and almost always a good value for your money,” she wrote.

But packaged sets aren’t just smart gifts. They’re also a savvy way to save on clothing and other items for yourself. For instance, Real Simple says November is the best time of the year to buy pajamas and slippers because retailers discount them up to 30 to 50 percent when they package them together in holiday sets.

So put that post-Halloween sugar rush to good use. Get out there and get shopping for those November bargains!

 November Is The Best Time To Save on Candy, Cookware, and Wedding Dresses

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